Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing system dating back thousands of years and has its roots in the Taoist Philosophy. It is based on the theory that energy -Qi flows through a network of connected meridians, which if in balance provide health and well-being. If the flow of Qi is blocked or in imbalance, symptoms will arise, and illness will occur. In treatment, we look the re-balance the system by finding the root cause of the illness and help the body to heal itself physically, mentally and spiritually.

There is growing scientific evidence, based on clinical research, showing how the body reacts to acupuncture in a wide range of conditions and validate the effectiveness of this complex healing system.


Five Element Acupuncture

This style of acupuncture focuses on the emotional and spiritual distress that may cause physical problems too. It is thought that each individual resonates most strongly with one of the five archetypal elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood. The aim is to isolate the weakest element and support it back to health by restoring the balance and harmony among the five elements. As a result, the patients will feel better in themselves and live their life fully and consciously to their full potential. Seeking treatment for mental and emotional wellbeing, including stress and anxiety relief is one of the most common cases I see in the clinic. 


FACIALENHANCE®  Facial Acupuncture

This treatment concentrates on points and muscles on the face to improve the general overall appearance. During treatment, needles are inserted in the legs and arms too to help harmonise and balance the elements. Facial acupuncture is about how we feel inside and how those feelings are expressed on our face, therefore, to achieve a lasting effect we need to build a foundation through which our beauty can shine.