Fertility issues affect every 7th couple in the UK and whilst it is an overwhelmingly physical problem, the effect it has on a psychological and emotional level is not acknowledged enough. To become a parent is one of the major transitions in life, a

developmental change in a couple's life.

Not being able to fulfil this inherent desire, this sense of completion and belonging,

results in stress and anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

It is also associated with a sense of loss, a loss of dreams and plans, diminished self-esteem, and feeling at fault for not being able to conceive.

The stress can cause physical changes such as thyroid dysfunction, elevated prolactin levels and disruption in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, preventing couples

from the very thing they fight for, conceiving a baby.

Trying, hoping, being fearful and anxious, worrying if the conception had happened and then the start of the period each month brings the couple down in a negative cycle of despair, making it more and more difficult to believe that having a baby is going to happen.

With every month, the frustration, anger and sadness grow and become overwhelming. Couples often become socially isolated, as they find it more and more difficult to deal with pregnancy announcements or questions about when they are going to start a family.

The good news is that there are hope and help. As a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist, psychologist, and acupuncturist I am highly skilled to guide you through the grief and loss, 

to unravel how infertility has affected the different aspects of your life,

to empower you with tools and techniques to reduce the undesired effects this journey has had on you.

Do you feel that any of the below can help you on your fertility journey:

To become emotionally in control

To reduce stress and anxiety

To understand your emotions and where they guide you

To learn techniques that can help you stay calm, confident and in control

To learn how to live in the now whilst holding a space for a baby

To learn how to plan positively instead of being stuck in the past or present

To share your journey with someone who understands what you are going through



Did you say yes to any of the above? If so please get in touch to book a clarity call

to discuss how we can work together.

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