The research


There has been a growing number of clinical trials and research into how acupuncture works and how effective it is. The British Acupuncture Council has created fact sheets on various conditions to provide accurate and unbiased general information about the efficacy of acupuncture. For further information please click here: Research Fact Sheets. 

A new and thorough systematic review was conducted in 2017 by Janz and McDonald. The results were published in the Acupuncture Evidence Project - A Comparative Literature Review: “Our study found evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture for 117 conditions, with stronger evidence for acupuncture’s effectiveness for some conditions than others. Acupuncture is considered safe in the hands of a well-trained practitioner and has been found to be cost-effective for some conditions. The quality and quantity of research into acupuncture’s effectiveness are increasing.” Acupuncture Evidence Project, p55/

The Evidence-Based Acupuncture website is an excellent source of information.