During the first consultation, we will discuss your medical history in complete confidence and the main complaint that you are seeking treatment for. I will then carry out a range of diagnostic tests, including pulse taking, looking at your tongue: the colour,  the tongue coating and the shape of the tongue itself. I often palpate specific acupuncture points, along with certain meridians. After gathering all the information, I create a unique treatment plan for you and will carry out the first treatment.

On the follow-up consultations, we will discuss your progress, and after taking the pulse and tongue, a new treatment will be given based on your feedback. 

The needles

The needles are very fine and flexible, about the width of a single strand of human hair: all are sterile and single-use. The insertion is very smooth and there is only a very slight sensation as it glides through the skin. Many find acupuncture very relaxing and calming.